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About the Faculty

   Faculty of Sciences, as the first Faculty of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, was established back in 1975, the same year the University was founded. The Faculty began its educational activities by enrolling undergraduate students in three majors of Chemistry, Applied Physics and Mathematics. The Faculty chart was completed with launching Geology and Biology departments in 1977.

    With further development and expansion of the University, in 1995 the department of mathematics was separated from the Faculty of Sciences and along with the newly-established departments of Statistics and Computer Sciences, continued its educational activities as the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer. In 2012, the Physics Department was promoted to Faculty of Physics.

    Presently, The Faculty of Sciences is made up of three departments which are responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate education, and research. The Faculty's departments include: Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and Department of Geology. Further details of undergraduate and postgraduate programs can be found on departmental websites. These departmental websites also contain details of the postgraduate degrees offered by the Faculty.

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